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LUSTR started in 2017 as a hobby, but grew to my full time endeavor in 2020. I have always loved art, design, baking, crafts or anything creative and hands on. Cakes became a perfect canvas to create art for others to admire and masterpieces to taste. I studied Horticulture - Floral Design in college where I fell in love with color theory and applying design elements with a new medium. Don't ask me my favorite flower, I can't choose just one! Ahem, sweet pea, lisianthus, chocolate cosmos, hellebore...


The name LUSTR embodies everything I strive for: classic sophistication and modern elegance. Essentially, details are everything! Think of a pearl; it is timeless and romantic. When you look close enough at every pearl there is a slight shimmer of sparkle, also known as luster. That attention to detail carries over into how I bake. Using only high quality ingredients such as vanilla bean, real butter, fresh berries and herbs to create intentional textures and flavors from scratch. I said masterpieces to taste, didn't I?

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